Blue Mountains City Council Booked Waste Services

Service Requirements

Bulky Waste Clean-up

Before using the service, you must understand and agree to these Service Requirements and Terms and Conditions.

Note: Tell Council of any mattresses, televisions, computers, tyres, metals, whitegoods and hard plastics that are being disposed so that they can be recycled.

What Council will collect

  • General household items: furniture, mattresses (maximum 2), white goods, lawnmowers and other large items
  • Tyres (maximum 5, no bigger than standard car tyres)
  • Carpet (maximum 1 average room size rolled up in 1 x 1 metre lengths & tied)
  • Hard plastics such as children’s toys and garden furniture
  • E-waste such as computers and televisions
  • Items that can be safely lifted by two people – you are responsible for breaking larger, heavy items into manageable parts
  • Four cubic metres (4m3) in total (i.e. 2 metres long x 2 metres wide x 1 metre high)

What Council will NOT collect

  • NO Liquid or business waste
  • NO Household rubbish (e.g. food scraps, nappies etc.). This can go in your weekly service
  • NO Glass including mirrors
  • NO Sleepers/Logs
  • NO Cardboard
  • NO Organic material such as logs, stumps, soil and garden waste
  • NO Waste material from non-residential properties
  • NO Kerbside recyclables – place these in your yellow-lidded bin or take them to a waste management facility, free of charge
  • NO Asbestos – strict rules apply to the handling and disposal of asbestos. Contact WorkCover NSW on 131 050 for information on handling asbestos
  • NO Renovation waste or other building materials such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, sinks and basins, brick, glass and concrete rubble
  • NO Hazardous materials such as paints, solvents, acids and alkalis, agricultural and veterinary chemicals, batteries, herbicides and pesticides, motor oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons, household cleaners, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, poisons, pool chemicals. For safe and correct disposal, use Council’s Household Chemical Cleanout – contact Council for more information.
  • NO Bean bags

Storage and presentation

Materials must be neatly placed in front of your property, clear of paths and driveways on the day before your service date (no earlier). Small or loose items MUST be bagged or bundled to prevent littering and hazards.